Who are Some of the Most Famous and Outstanding Comic Book Artists?

Different people have different dreams and goals in life. There are those who want to become experts in carpentry, woodworking, and the likes, and those who want to get their creative juices flowing by drawing cartoons and comics. If you belong to the first group, I would recommend this website over ours, but if you belong to the second group, then maybe we can help.

In either case, you should definitely follow your dream, and if you’re into comics, then take inspiration from the following extremely talented cartoonists.

Bill Watterson

The author of the renowned and beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson is a cartoonist born in Washington DC in the United States in 1958. When he was eight, he started drawing cartoons, and was greatly influenced by several comic strips, including Krazy Kat, Pogo, and Peanuts. Even though he pursued a degree in political science, he chose to go the cartooning route and worked as a designer in a small ad agency. He did a lot of freelancing for several years, including designing merchandise, calendars, clothes, magazine and book covers, post cards, and posters. He first published Calvin and Hobbes on November 18, 1985.

Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese cartoonist and animator born in Osaka Prefecture on November 3, 1928. Often dubbed as the Japanese Walt Disney, his most popular works include the Astro Boy, Black Jack, Phoenix, and Kimba the White Lion manga series.

Charles Schulz

Born on November 26, 1922 in St. Paul, Minnesota, Charles Schulz was the man behind the popular Peanuts comic strip. Considered to be among the most influential cartoon artists to ever walk on earth, he served as an inspiration to many aspiring cartoonists, including Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Starting at an early age, he showed so much promise in art, spending a lot of his time drawing his family dog named Spike who liked to eat a wide variety of objects, such as razor blades, tacks, and pins. His most notable work was Peanuts, which featured the main characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Patty, and Shermy, and was first published in 1950.

John Romita Jr.

A Marvel Comics legend, John Romita Jr. is a professional comic book artist born on August 17, 1956 in New York. He is no stranger to the comic book industry, as his father, John Romita Sr, is an important artist on The Amazing Spider-Man comic series. He got an advertising art and design degree in college, and started his career working at Marvel UK, where he did cover sketches of reprints. He also worked on Iron Man, Kick-Ass, Superman, and Uncanny X-Men, and received an Inkpot Award in 1994 and Eisner Award in 2002.